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        Hello and welcome to our site it's not much yet but it will get there. Anyone who would like to join or just hang out with us is more than welcome. Everyday is a party and we love to get buck wild(just kidding). Our leader is Vette I'm sure you have seen this crazy Mithra running around somtime in your "Adventures."  If Vette is not online but you would like to join we have a number of sac holders. We are just a social shell although, if you need help with anything we are usually ready to help out the best we can. Well enjoy your time we hope to hear from you. Remember, have fun in game and out.
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YouTube Link - CaptianVette

CaptianVette, Jul 1, 10 12:55 PM.
If ya ever get bored and got nothing to do. I've got a 100 different Vids on YouTube if ya wanna watch.

got 41 relating to final fantasy.


Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

ArcadiousTheRealOne, May 12, 10 4:00 AM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
Eldo1234 (Eldo) 91
*PAIN* (Sirpain) 68
Bone Craft
Eldo1234 (Eldo) 58
Cloth Craft
Eldo1234 (Eldo) 60
Hausendorn (Hausendorn) 10
Catarin (Catarin) 40
Eldo1234 (Eldo) 15
Hausendorn (Hausendorn) 75
CaptianVette (Vette) 62
Eldo1234 (Eldo) 31
Hausendorn (Hausendorn) 18
CaptianVette (Vette) 48
Eldo1234 (Eldo) 51
Leather Craft
Eldo1234 (Eldo) 48
Eldo1234 (Eldo) 54
Eldo1234 (Kathrynn) 22
*PAIN* (Sirpain) 16
ArcadiousTheRealOne (Arcadious) 70
Eldo1234 (Eldo) 60
Eldo1234 (Kathrynn) 61
We are not actively recruiting but if you want to join by all means talk to one of us!
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